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My goal to get accomplished currently is be credited as the writer, creator, etc. of my own manga.

Unfortunately, as I am American, I can much do this and have people take it seriously

so heres what I intend to do

I intend to create the series, art, writing, everything involved,  and then get it published in Japan, in Japanese(like have someone translate it) then hopefully it will rise in popularity enough to go global, and then get an anime made off of it. The ultimate goal is get it dubbed back in English.

Now, Ive started taking steps towards getting this accomplished. I have worked out a plot summary type thing, am working on the art, and will soon start to come up with actual plot.

Reasons why I feel his will be cool to everyone: the series revolves around my real friends and I, just our personalities have certain traits exaggerated so that I don't feel like I'm just making you do something and instead its a character in your likeness. Its kind of a collabrative effort, I take ideas from everyone and implement them. It is after all very rare for a writer to make the story himself.

So your probably wondering what the actual plot make-up is.

The story is my group of friends are going about our daily lives, but come upon a strange discovery: demons inhabit the world. This is of course from a first hand experience with one I am yet to come up with. We discover that they have always been here, in fact they aren't even actual demons from Hell, they're simply a race that has been living here and they liked the name so they took it. (they are however what the mythological demons are based off of) Their goal is to send the worl spiraling into chaos and let mankind destroy themselves. They believe they're closer now than ever on account of the wars and technological advancements make things easier for them to screw around with people. We, being the only ones who know that they truly exist on Earth and what their plan is, have to eliminate them and stop the world from going mad. We face several problems however. Weapons cannot be kept in society on account of social normality, we are heavily outmatched on account of the fact they re in fact mystical, and lastly theyre rather hard to find. They come in several classifications, standard demons who blend in ith mormal society with the excepton of a strange tattoo, Sirens, who take the form of pretty women with bat wings an sing twisted songs to make brins melt, they're catagorized by tattoos o the face relating to emotion(such as streaks from the eyes for sad, lines at the mouth for happy, etc) and lastly, Id, who are psychological demons who feast off of inhibitions until they're strong enough to devour they're host and move on to the next one, catagorized by red tattoos extending over a majority of their body. Only the host can deal with them. We do, however, recieve help. A  girl who serves as a type of guardian angel (them being classified by brilliant green eyes) and based herself off of my eight ball cane because...well it was there. he names herself Hachi and chooses to help us deal with them.

Major Characters:

Myself: I serve as the sort of main guy, there is technically no main character, it follows everyone and how they might relate to the plot. So my guys kinda traits are I'm the first to a violent solution, act creepy sometimes, and generally turn situations awkward. I wear a loose, blue shirt with black cloud-like patterns down the right side, beige cargo pants, and bright blue converse with white and orange laces. Also I crew socks that have a black and blue alternating stripe pattern.

Tucker: All I can really say is hes lazy sometimes and others is a wee bit of an asshole, but he looks like Johnny Depp, so its ok. He has a goatee, and kyras red beanie she gave him. He wears his grey Canadian jacket and a Henley tee with two buttons undone, black jeans, and black vans.

Kyra: Acts inspirational and very patriotic, and has a penchant for exclamations. She wears a red tie, black vest, white dress shirt, and beige skirt which she stores her, literally, shotgun under. This was her request.

Abbey: Makes bad puns, sleeps a shit ton, does creative things, and does her whole exclamation thing about shit she likes. Its a common joke that she is just randomly asleep sometimes. She wears a blue dress shirt with the sleeves up, her black leather vest, and jeans ripped at one knee.

Gabbi: Hurts people, steals food, the family business. She wears a black tank top with her bra strap sorta showing, red jeans, and bare feet.

Chris: How do I exagerrate someone who is already an anime persona. He does go for my weird ideas more commonly. he wears a nice black jacket, jeans with a belt, and tennis shoes.

Evryone else in our group also heavily appears, but I can't exagerrate you guys too easily. Some common jokes are Max's shirt getting seperated leaving him bare chested in public, Madi being called short, or Karlee just being kinda thrust into situations.

as for the others:

Hachi: Our guardian angel friend. She is very ignorant on the ways of the world. Her most notable physical traits is the fact she is very thin, wears a pantsuit with a ribbon-tie, big clunky shoes with some sort of lacy thing at the calves, a bowl haircut with a white highlight in a special pattern, and her suit jacket  has a wite circle with a black eight in it on the back. She shares the species brilliant green eyes.

The Babylonians: A brother-sister standard demon combo. They act strangely, commonly have to remind people Babylon was a real place, and generally fuck with us in major ways. Needless to say, we're kinda lukewarm towards them. They have red hair (like orange hair not Gabbi red) wide eyes, big toothy grins, dress shirts with the collars popped and the first couple buttons undone, pinstriped pants, and generally act in synch. The have a bright blue tatto near their shoulder on their chest. (right side for the guy, left for the girl)

Roxie: A Siren who serves as a major antagonist in the series. She act kind of like a femme fatale type character, but is pretty damn creepy. She shows a lot of emotion sometimes. She has dark purple skin, close to black in fact, with slick shoulder length hair, also black. She has black eyes with her irises being white and sharp teeth. She wears a kinda old styles shirt, bright red leather gloves, a black skirt, and high heeled shoes that, you know, include the top part. She has red tattoos at her eyes, in the appearance of running mascera.

RØssia: An Id who is a major antagonist as well. He is very similar to his sister, Roxie, in terms of his eyes, skin color, same hair color only its in a wavy bowl cut, and teeth only sharper. His only goal is to consume, he could give a a damn less about anything else. He wears a tattered shirt, simple black pants, and gloves with claws sticking off the fingers. His biggest character trait is his ball and chain attached to his right foot, showing his restriction to one host until he kill them. He has a strange tribal like tattoo going down the full extent of the left side of his body.

Chelsea: Tucker girlfriend from Canada. She is cool. All I can really say. She has about three feet long hair, and wears a bow on her headband. She wears a variety of outfits, with the only consistent thing being a cartoon moth being present, with the exeption of her fighting outfit, which has a cartoon cat face of the back.

Thats just about it. What do you guys think?


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